Say Goodbye to Allergens Lurking in Your Rugs

Visit me for rug cleaning services in or around Pflugerville & Austin, TX

Have years of foot traffic left your rug stained and dirty? Did your child spill juice on the rug in your living area? Rug cleaning services are just a phone call away, so there's no need to stress over a mess on your carpet. Just reach out to Vic's Auto Detail for affordable rug cleaning services in the Pflugerville & Austin, TX area.

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What's hiding in your rug?

Maybe your rug has a foul odor, or maybe it has visible stains. Either way, you can count on an expert to clean any rug in the Austin or Pflugerville, TX area. Rug cleaning is beneficial if you want to remove the following allergens and contaminants from your carpet:

Dirt and mud
Dander and bugs
Pet hair and urine
Bacteria and mold
Spilled food and drinks

Bring your dirty, stained rug into our shop today to receive reliable rug cleaning services.