Find a Car Detailing Company in the Pflugerville, TX Area

Trust me to make your vehicle look good as new

Don't have time to detail your car? For four years and counting, Vic's Auto Detail has been providing a wide variety of auto detailing services for vehicle owners in the Austin and Pflugerville, TX areas. From removing scratches in your paint to pet stains on your rugs, I can handle any task efficiently.

Your satisfaction is my #1 priority

Attention to detail, high-quality products and top-notch equipment are all necessities when it comes to car detailing. Luckily, I have all the tools and skills needed to provide exceptional car detailing services in the Pflugerville, TX area.

Trust me to handle:

Mold remediation

Car carpet cleaning

Upholstery cleaning

Headliner replacements

Paintless dent removals

Chipped windshield repairs

Auto polishing and waxing

I also offer reliable rug cleaning services for the stained or dirty carpets in your home.

Learn more about any of my services by calling 512-276-4000 today.

I'm breaking the mechanic mold

There are a lot of stereotypes around auto mechanics, but I am here to debunk every one of them. When you think of an auto technician, do the following words come to mind:


Uneducated? I have over eight years of car detailing experience in Pflugerville, TX and the surrounding areas.

Dishonest? I offer reliable advice about the best methods to remove scratches, dents and odors from your vehicle.

Uninterested? I am engaged when listening to your needs and providing custom auto detailing services that meet them.

Trust me to be knowledgeable, dependable and friendly. Next time you need detailing services, stop by Vic's Auto Detail ASAP.